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  • April16th

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    We have updated you on some of the major changes to Facebook’s Brand Timeline pages. Now that you feel more familiar with the medium, it’s time for your Community Manager to step in and do her due diligence. (Don’t have one of those yet? Here are tips for hiring one!)

    Social Media Today has published a complete checklist to get your Brand Timeline page ready to roll.

    The complete article is rich with information about Timeline’s new features, but to help you hit the ground running, here are some to-do’s to do right away:

    • Choose whether to allow direct messages to your dedicated site administrators. Enabling Facebook to copy messages to admins will ensure they are notified whenever somebody contacts your brand page, thereby quickening response time.
    • Strong suggestion: Untick the option for showing user posts at the very top of the page.
    • Choose a cover photo that conveys your brand persona—not just a logo. Aim for an aspect ratio of 851×351 pixels.
    • Choose the appropriate views and apps that will appear as the primary four apps in the windows just beneath your Timeline. (Only four at a time can appear there, so be mindful.)
    • Mark milestones in your company’s history. One nice thing about Timeline is that you can showcase your company story, from birth to present, with color and depth. (Space out these updates, though, as too many at once can feel spammy.)
    • Proof your page. That sounds like a no-brainer, but always double-check your work.

    The Po!nt: Use Timeline management TLC. The more engaged you are with your Brand Timeline, the better you’ll know how it works, and the more readily you’ll be able to update it to suit your brand’s spirit, and captivate users.

    Article From Marketing Profs
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  • August30th

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    Yes, this is not a bad dream.

    We’re actually sharing an insightful social media nugget while referencing a member of the untalented and over-exposed Kardashian clan.

    Before you roll your eyes, just know that Kim and her annoying sisters are more strategic than most businesses trying to make the most on Facebook.

    The Kardashians know how to keep their posts fresh, their fans engaged, the media fascinated, and their family of brands relevant.

    Looks alone don’t make you the most searched for personality of 2010.

    If you haven’t already figured it out, Facebook updates and promotions don’t get better with age.

    In order to excite and motivate a fan base, you need to push out a steady diet of new and interesting stuff.

    Lot’s of bad boring posts, updates, and links aren’t going to get the job done. (pssst…Its not all about frequency)

    Keep your followers smiling. Keep the interesting offers coming. Keep your post quality high.

    Yep, think like a Kardashian.

    Repost from North Social

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